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  Excessive scratching or licking
  Watery eyes or nose
  Red or irritated skin
  Constant chewing on paws
  White flakes like dandruff
  Dull coat
  Crustiness around eyes
  Redness on chin or lip folds
  Crusty lesions on skin
If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you owe it to yourself — and your dog — to try Dermacept (the advanced multi-symptom allergy formula for dogs) risk-free, either by clicking below to order it immediately or once you’ve read this whole incredible story.

Why try Dermacept?

Because Dermacept is already helping countless dogs live happier, healthier, more comfortable lives. And there’s a very good chance it may help your dog too.

Dermacept is a NEW and powerful combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids specially designed to have a positive impact on your dog’s skin and coat—especially if your dog has allergies.
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Dermacept provides nutritional support important for skin and coat health, and also contains powerful antioxidants used to help fight the effects of aging on dogs.

Dogs lucky enough to get a risk-free trial of Dermacept may experience benefits other alternatives promise but never fully deliver. The ingredients in Dermacept may also:

• Benefit skin and coat

• Help support resistance to allergies

• Encourage eye health and vision

• Promote a healthy immune system
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How Allergies Can Affect Your Dog  
  An allergy, or an allergic reaction to an environmental or food source is caused by a disorder in your dog's immune system. Typically, here's what happens: your dog's body comes in contact with a substance that it thinks is harmful—even though it really isn't. In an attempt to fight this allergen, your dog's body releases a substance called histamine. Histamine then triggers the kind of uncomfortable symptoms common with allergies—itchy skin, eyes and ears, sneezing, running nose and inflammation. These allergic reactions can occur seasonally, or continuously throughout the year.

Environmental allergies can result from contact with allergens both indoors and outdoors. Indoor allergens like dust, dander and house dust mites are common causes for allergic reactions in dogs. Outdoors, pollens, molds, ragweeds, and many other environmental sources can trigger allergic reactions.

Not all allergic reactions are caused by environmental sources. Several breeds of dogs have been identified as being prone to genetic allergic dermatitis. Golden Retrievers, Laborador Retrievers and English Setters are good examples. While these breeds may be more likely to have problems with itchy skin and allergies, any breed of dog can develop allergic dermatitis. According to reports in veterinary literature, allergies usually show up in dogs between the ages of one and three. This means that your dog can start to develop allergies at a young age, since the allergy symptoms often show up within 1 to 3 years of exposure to the allergens. But some dogs can exhibit signs and symptoms at just a few months of age, depending on the breed and their genetic predisposition to allergies.

Dermacept was scientifically developed by a clinical nutritionist and staff veterinarian for maintaining skin and coat health, and helping to reduce the itching and scratching associated with seasonal or year-round allergies. This is especially important if your dog has been diagnosed with allergic dermatitis or other types of skin conditions commonly found in dogs.

With many thousands of chewable tablets administered worldwide, customers are telling us they’re using it to help improve the health of their dog’s skin and coat, fight allergic symptoms like itching and scratching and to help oxidative damage caused by free radicals. And that’s great news for your dog!

Research Studies Show Beneficial Results for Dogs with Allergies

Research demonstrates that the active compound in Dermacept inhibits the release of histamine. Studies show that OPCs found in Dermacept may lower the production of histamine by as much as 86%2. Because the OPCs in Dermacept have been found to act as a natural anti-histamine, they have been successfully used for controlling hay fever and allergies for many decades in Europe.

Dermacept’s unique formula is a therapeutic agent for the management of allergic conditions and the healing and protective effects of the ingredients in Dermacept are well documented. More than two decades of research studies, publications and abstracts have reported on the health benefits of its key ingredient… a naturally occurring plant compound extracted from the seeds of the vitis vinifera.

Known by several trade names such as oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs), or bioflavanol, or flavan-3-ol, this active ingredient in Dermacept has been awarded United States Patent 4,963,527.

Now available in the U.S., Dermacept contains the ingredient tested and successfully used by Doctors in Europe for decades and is now available without a prescription.

The Right Answer for Millions of Dogs

If your dog is suffering from conditions like atopic (allergic) dermatitis or other types of skin problems, you are not alone. It is estimated that 15% to 30% of dogs suffer from canine atopic dermatitis1. That means as many as 19 million dogs in the U.S. are suffering with itching and scratching right now. Based on recent data from Veterinary Pet Insurance medical claims, skin allergies are the number one reason that dogs and cats were taken to the veterinarian. And you know how frustrating it can be to see your dog itching and uncomfortable… not just for your dog… but for you and your family too.

Dogs that were once carefree and relaxed are now itching, scratching and chewing… rather than playing or resting.

With all of the environmental allergens that dogs are exposed to each day, it seems like there would be no relief from the allergy symptoms… short of going to the vet for allergy shots or steroid medications, which may not be the most beneficial or healthy treatment available. But now Dermacept—the all-natural breakthrough skin and coat formula—offers new hope for allergic dogs.

What Our Customers Are Saying About This Incredible Discovery

While the science behind Dermacept is well supported, it’s always nice to hear what some actual users have to say about their own success stories and how it has helped their dogs with skin and coat problems overcome their symptoms:

Ladybug"Your Dermacept allergy product is an answered prayer! Our six year old border collie, LadyBug was constantly scratching and biting herself due to some undetermined allergy. We took her to see several vets, tried antihistamines, cortizone sprays, special bath products, skin vitamins, changing her diet, and on and on. Nothing was even remotely helpful. After trying everything we knew of, we prayed for a solution for Ladybug's discomfort......a few days later a friend from Idaho told me about Dermacept. We were skeptical, but willing to try yet another product.Within one month of using it, Ladybug had NO skin issues more scratching, biting, sleepless nights, and misery for her. She has been on this formula for three months now, and continues to be free of skin allergy her coat is fabulous! God answered a prayer for our sweet LadyBug, and literally sent us your product. Thank you!"

Roger and Connie Young (and Ladybug)
Section, AL

For more Dermacept Success Stories, click here.

As hundreds of others just like these customers have discovered that Dermacept can help, and there's a good chance that it can help your dog, too.

Help for More than just Allergic Conditions

The daily consumption of the key ingredients in Dermacept not only can provide powerful relief from the symptoms of allergies in dogs… but they also may help protect against disease and the effects of aging. And that’s what makes Dermacept so different from other skin and coat formulas.

Many scientists now believe that oxidative stress and “free-radicals” may be the root cause of more than 60 diseases including certain types of cancer, cataracts, and arthritis… as well as the aging process itself.

As your dog grows older the production of free-radical fighting enzymes decreases… creating even more oxidative stress and further damage to your dog. As this happens every part of your dog’s body gradually deteriorates.

Scientists also believe that the best way to fight these free-radicals and oxidative-stress is with something called antioxidants.

The powerful blend of antioxidants and essential fatty acids (EFAs) like those found in Dermacept have been shown to effectively fight skin and coat problems AND free radicals in the bodies of animals.

With a unique flavoring technology that makes the chewable tablets “taste just like a treat”… the continued use of Dermacept may help reactivate the natural healing process... keeping your dog active, healthy, and happy throughout its life.

1. Protection for healthy skin and coat
2. Fewer allergies
3. Sharper vision
4. Enhanced immune system

While the many health benefits of Dermacept seem almost too good to be true… Dermacept’s ingredients have been tested in well-controlled clinical studies.

In 1987, Dr. Shinji Uchida and his team of researchers demonstrated that the antioxidant bioflavanols found in Dermacept were up to 50 times more effective than vitamin E as a free radical scavenger.

In the "Review of the Scientific Research on Pycnogenols", June 1992 H Liers reported, “The results show that the dimeric proanthocyanidins are nearly 20 times more effective than vitamin C at trapping oxygen radicals.”

In fact, to equal the antioxidant properties found in just 3 Dermacept chewable tablets you would need to give your dog… 25 six-ounce glasses of orange juice (vitamin C) and 447 eight-ounce glasses of soy milk (vitamin E).

Research also suggests that the OPCs can increase the total antioxidant capacity and stimulate defenses in blood. But it gets even better.

It is believed that the most dangerous free-radical produced by your dog’s body as it gets older is called the hydroxyl radical. It is so damaging because it directly attacks DNA—the building block of all cells. Research demonstrates that OPCs can “search and destroy” this dangerous hydroxyl free-radical. And that’s not all.

Research also shows that the OPCs in Dermacept may be superior to other antioxidants because its protective effects are multiplied in the body, working with other antioxidants by increasing their free-radical fighting effects. This is due to its ability to “recycle” antioxidants after they have quenched or destroyed free-radicals, thereby extending the life of free-radical fighting antioxidants.

Safe and Natural Ingredients
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Dermacept contains compounds extracted from natural sources and is not a drug… but rather a "natural" skin and coat formula for dogs.

The OPCs in Dermacept are natural plant compounds found in fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, flowers and bark—making it safe for your dog… and worry-free for you.

Used in a wide variety of supplements and natural foods there are no known drug interactions—which means your dog can take Dermacept with other supplements or medications. What’s more, these OPCs have undergone rigorous testing to meet the standards required by the Health Ministries in France, Germany and other European countries.

And if that’s not enough, wait until your dog tastes it.

Tastes As Good As a "Treat"

Dermacept is a delicious, “bite-size” chewable tablet that tastes so good… your dog will think it’s a “treat”.

Other ordinary arthritis formulas for dogs use hard to swallow pills, messy powders or worse yet, capsules you have to break open and sprinkle on food just to get your dog to take it. But not Dermacept.

Dogs go crazy over the yummy natural beef and bacon flavor so it’s easy to use at mealtimes... as a tasty between-meal snack… or as a special “treat” when your dog is at its best.  
You Can Trust What's on The Label

Although many brands of skin and coat formulas for dogs are available… independent lab tests have shown that many products do not actually contain the amounts claimed on the label.

So… how do you really know you’re getting what you paid for? The truth is, sometimes you don’t.

But with Dermacept, you can trust what’s on the label… and what’s in the product. Here’s why.

Because we purchase the finest raw materials available… your dog is getting the absolute best product there is. All incoming raw materials are accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis that certifies the content of the ingredient and its purity.

The raw material is then tested to ensure the Certificate of Analysis is correct and the product content has not changed since the course of the original test.

Once the materials are blended, they are tested again to ensure compliance with the label claim before tableting the product. At this stage, any variances may be adjusted. The product is tested one final time as a finished product, again to ensure the ingredients meet the label claims.

All testing is conducted by an independent laboratory and samples of finished products are then kept to insure that the products maintain their potency.

Furthermore, all manufacturing of Dermacept takes place in an FDA approved facility and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Noticeable Benefits for Over 20 Years

You can feel good in knowing that since 1990, the makers of Dermacept have been providing high quality nutritional supplements to dogs, cats and horses.

Each of their product formulas has been developed with the aid of a clinical nutritionist and a staff veterinarian. They work closely with veterinarians nationwide that not only use and believe in their products, but also act as opinion leaders.

The makers of Dermacept have invested in research and clinical studies to prove the validity of the products they manufacture and actively document the visible benefits animals receive when taking them.

Backed by the Better Business Bureau

Having earned the Better Business Bureau Reliability Seal, ProPet Sciences and the Dermacept product guarantee gives consumers a risk free offer that is backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The Better Business Bureau has a BBBOnline Reliability Program so that consumers can buy with confidence from vendors and companies that have met all its requirements.

Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report The BBBOnLine trustmark confirms that our business, ProPet Sciences, has been:
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Available Only Through This Exclusive Offer

Dermacept is available only through this exclusive offer. You won’t find it in stores or veterinarian's offices… not even on the Internet (except right here!)

You see, the word is spreading fast about this amazing skin and coat formula and retailers and websites from all over the place have started asking for it. But frankly, there is no way production of Dermacept could ever keep up with that kind of demand—mostly because supplies of this breakthrough formula are quite limited.

The good news is that our company, ProPet Sciences, was chosen as the exclusive United States distributor of Dermacept. Our top-notch customer service and 100% iron-clad, no-questions asked, 60-Day risk-free guarantee make us a logical choice to offer Dermacept directly to dog lovers all over the country.

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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed To prove it, Dermacept is backed by an iron-clad, no-questions asked, 60-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see the results we promised… or even if you just change your mind… just return any unused portions… or even the empty bottle… within 60 days and we will refund you for 100% of the purchase price (less shipping and handling) That’s right! … Dermacept is guaranteed to work for your dog or you don’t pay for it.

No risk to you, whatsoever, for trying it

The way I see it, the best thing that could happen is this… you re-vitalize your dog's skin and coat by jump-starting the natural healing process—keeping them itch-free, happy and healthy. Imagine in a matter of weeks, you’ll watch as itching and scrathing are greatly reduced, or dissappear completely… so dogs can enjoy life and ALL the things they love to do.

The worst thing that could happen is this… you return an empty container and get your purchase price back… with NO hassles, and NO questions asked! That means there’s no risk to you, whatsoever, for trying it!

So take this important first step and make a huge difference in your dog’s life... especially if they’re suffering from skin and coat problems or allergic conditions. Both you and your dog will be very happy you did

Yours in health,
Norm Acker
President, ProPet Sciences LLC

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P.P.S. Remember, Dermacept is scientifically formulated so your dog is getting the very best skin and coat antioxidant formula in one delicious chewable tablet. How many other products can claim that! Try it today… risk-free! Both you and your dog will be very happy you did!

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1. Hillier A, Griffin CE. The ACVD task force on canine atopic dermatitis: Incidence and prevalence. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2001;81:147–151.

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