It’s always nice to hear what actual users have to say about their own success stories and how Dermacept has helped their dogs with their skin and coat or allergy problems.

We’d love to hear from you... so if you would like to share a success story with us—like these customers and their dogs—please send an email to and if you have a picture, please attach it, too!

Ladybug"Your Dermacept allergy product is an answered prayer! Our six year old border collie, LadyBug was constantly scratching and biting herself due to some undetermined allergy. We took her to see several vets, tried antihistamines, cortizone sprays, special bath products, skin vitamins, changing her diet, and on and on. Nothing was even remotely helpful. After trying everything we knew of, we prayed for a solution for Ladybug's discomfort......a few days later a friend from Idaho told me about Dermacept. We were skeptical, but willing to try yet another product.Within one month of using it, Ladybug had NO skin issues more scratching, biting, sleepless nights, and misery for her. She has been on this formula for three months now, and continues to be free of skin allergy her coat is fabulous! God answered a prayer for our sweet LadyBug, and literally sent us your product. Thank you!"

Roger & Connie (and LadyBug!)
Section, Alabama

"Shiloh (7 1/2 yr old Yorkie) likes the taste of it and looks forward to it every morning :) I'm so glad that you helped Shiloh feel better these past two allergy seasons. Before this allergy pill I would clean his poor gunky eyes every morning and night and put on aloe vera, since he would scratch at the corners of this eyes all day. Then I would put eye drops, but the skin would dry up and start to scab, that was just topical then he would sneeze a lot and I felt so bad for him because I too have seasonal allergies. In addition, I noticed during the winter months he doesn't flake and his skin does not dry up as much either, so the product has been a blessing and a year round relief to my Shiloh. Thanks Much for this great product."

New York
Rex"We use your Dermacept products in the spring and summer months for our dog Keiki. I do believe that it did help him last year. He gets yeast infections and just general itchy skin all summer. I am starting him up on now as spring is in the air and his allergies will be starting up soon. I am looking forward to an itch free summer with him, it will be sooooo nice to see him feeling better. Thank you all so much for your wonderful products, I always recommend them to people who have a need."

Meridian, Idaho
"During the spring and summer months, our springer spaniel Morey has terrible problems with itching and scratching. We don't know if it is from grasses or what, but it really makes him crazy with the scratching. Your product has really reduced the itching for him, and his coat looks better, too. Thanks!"

Otter Tail Lake, Minnesota

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